Antique and Classic Boat Society

Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Preserving America's Maritime Heritage

The Antique and Classic Boat Society is the world's largest group devoted to antique and classic boating. Since its beginnings in 1975 the ACBS has helped introduce thousands to the hobby of antique and classic boating.

The Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society was formed in 2019 through the merging of the former Philadelphia and Barnegat Bay chapters. It is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization.  We're a varied bunch of people who have a common  love of antique and classic boats including the "woodies" and classic fiberglass boats of the past and the contemporary classic "woodies" . We believe that roaring around in a beautifully restored mahogany or fiberglass runabout is among the greatest pleasures of life. The M-Atlantic Chapter of the ACBS sponsors a variety of boat shows throughout the boating season, organizes member get-togethers so fellow boat owners and prospective boat owners can share experiences, and generally provides a comfortable environment in which to explore these boats.

We also produce an award-winning quarterly publication called The Nautical Mile which provides extensive coverage of both national and local boating events.

Clicking on "About Us" will start a slide show and movie of our many activites. As this show is rather long downloading may take up to 60 seconds before the show starts. We would like to express our appreciation to chapter members Stephen and Jeanne Ingraham and Jeanne's company, Studio 38 Images, for the considerable amount of work they put in to create this show.

We have informal dinner meetings throughout the year and come together several times to show our boats to the general public. See our Calendar for the current dates and locations.

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