Member's Boats

This page provides a showcase for the boats owned by chapter members. All chapter members are invited to supply a picture for inclusion in this gallery. If you have a digital picture you can send it as an E-mail attachment to the webmaster. If you have a photograph, send it to the following address and it will be scanned in and returned to you:

Bill Carley
10 Weston Court
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Please include a description to appear with the photo.

Clicking on some pictures will bring up an enlarged copy.

Karen_Louise is a 1948 22-foot Hackercraft powered by a 141 HP Chrysler Royal Model M-8 straight eight and owned by Bill Carley. This was a gray boat with all restoration work being done by Bill, himself.

Grandpa's Taxi is a 1962 23-foot Chris Craft Sea Skiff, powered by a Chris Craft 210 HP 327F V-8 and owned by Bill Carley. This boat underwent a major restoration during the winter of 2001-2002 with all work being done by Bill, himself. 22 steam-bent ribs, all of which were broken or cracked, were replaced, along with much other work. Notice the custom center seat which is removable for access to the engine.

Happy Hour is a 1956 15-foot outboard launch built by the White Canoe Co. It is powered by a 40 HP Evinrude and is owned by Bill Carley. This boat was modified by Bill for fishing which included removing the center of the front bench seat and replacing the center bench seat with two cushioned swiveling seats to provide for easier walk-through.

This is a Comet class sailboat of unknown vintage. The hull was rescued from a snow bank by Bill Carley, who rebuilt it from the ground up which included making a new mast. The hull is red cedar-planked.

Donna Jean is a 1933 18-foot Chris Craft 302 Deluxe Runabout owned by Chip and Donna Paradis. It is powered by the original 85 hp Chrysler Crown flat head 6 and was advertised to do 36 mph with this engine. Most of the hardware is original along with the outer side planks and the inner ceiling boards.

"Bateau Mouche is a 1950 18-foot Chris Craft Riviera powered by a Chris Craft model KL 6-cylinder 105 HP engine and owned by Michael Kurland.

"No Way" is a 1964 20-foot Chris Craft Holiday owned by Carmen DeLeo.

Geekus IV is a 1955 22-foot Chris Craft Continental owned by George and Kim Wohlgemuth.

This is a 1965 26-foot Riva Tritone owned by Dan McCollister.

This is a 1960 CustomCraft Manta Ray owned by Ron Vuyosevich.

Life Boat No 17-76 is a 1976 17-foot, 3-inch rowboat owned by Jack Brooks.

Ski-Bee is a 1958 16-foot Shepherd Runabout owned by Joe Gartner. Ski-Bee is powered by a 65 HP Universal 4.

Corsair V is a 1955 15-foot Chris Craft Cavalier Utility owned by Jacques Guequierre. Corsair V is powered by a 60 HP Chris Craft 4.

Loon Ranger is a 1958 22-foot Chris Craft Sea Skiff Ranger owned by John Hornsey. Loon Ranger is powered by a 130 HP Chris Craft M6.

Tea Tray is a 1963 8-foot Mini Max homebuilt owned by Steve & Jeanne Ingraham. Tea Tray is powered by a 5.6 HP Mercury Comet Mk 6 2.

This is a 1951 Jersey Skiff owned by Dan Clapp. This boat has undergone a 3-year restoration after sitting dormant for 30 years.