Boat Tools and Spares

Depending on the type of boat that you have; the size of boat that you have and the type and length of crusing that you do, listed next are some of the tools and spares that you may want to consider having on board.

Tools Spare Parts
Adjustable wrenches 6, 8, 10 & 12 5200 Fast Cure adhesive, small tube
Assorted Allen wrenches Bilge pump
Assorted electrical connectors Bilge pump float switch
Assorted punches Davis - Slick Seam compound
Antifreeze tester Duct tape
Battery filler pot Electrical tape
C clamps Emergency sail/canvas repair kit
Fender Pump Oil Filter (Generator)
Drill and bits ATF for trim tabs
Files - assorted types and sizes Teflon tape
Flashlight & extra batteries Tube battery terminal grease
Hacksaw and blades WD-40
Hammer - ball-peen West System 105/205 epoxy
Hydrometer battery tester Distilled Water
Leatherman - multi-tool Engine belts
Open and box wrenches Fuel Filters
Packing nut wrench Oil Zorbs
Pliers - channel lock Engine Oil
Pipe wrench - 1 3/4" opening Transmission Oil
Pliers - long-nose needle Electrical crimp terminals
Pliers - regular Electrical heat shrink - assorted sizes
Pliers - vicegrip Hose clamps - assorted sizes
Pocket knife Hoses - assorted sizes
Pry/crow bar Light bulbs for instruments and cabin
Screw driver set - slotted and Phillips Monel wire
Single edge razor blades Nylon wire ties - assorted sizes
Sharpie Marker
Socket set - 3/8 drive (3/8" - 13/16")
Spanner wrench (oil and fuel filter)
Tape measure
Utility knife
Volt and ohm meter
Wire cutters and strippers
Wirebrush - bronze