Colleagues, as you already know, in response to the attack on the US Embassy located in Iraq, the Americans launched several missile attacks, which killed the General of the Corps of the Guards of the Islamic Revolution Kassem Suleimani. According to the military adviser to the Iranian leader, they will repay the aggressors with the same coin: “The answer will undoubtedly be military, and it will be directed against military targets.”

The fact that the statement was heard at the White House can be judged by the reaction of Trump, who tweeted several messages threatening Iran.

“They attacked us, and we struck back. If they attack again, I would strongly advise them not to, because we will beat them harder than ever before!”

“The United States has spent two trillion dollars on military equipment. We are the most powerful and certainly the BEST in the world! If Iran attacks an American base or any other American, we will send some of this brand new beautiful weapons … and without hesitation!”

If the parties to the conflict continue to escalate the situation, then their actions will affect global markets: the demand for asylum and gold currencies will increase, as well as the demand for oil.

In this case, resistance 1550 will break through the gold and then the upward movement in the 5th bullish wave will continue.

And light oil (CL) can once again strengthen to $ 77 per barrel.

Who will win in this situation?

Oil growth will positively affect the ruble, which may move to the old trading range: 55-60 rubles / $.

And on the quotes of oil companies. I have just had a long CFD position on Exxon Mobil Corporation stocks since last year.

In Instaforex, these shares are traded under the #XOM ticket.

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