We live in an amazing time of high technology and frantic speeds. People in the 21st century are constantly in a hurry somewhere: instead of reading books, they watch films, articles are read diagonally, and instead of paper correspondence, they use electronic messengers. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the brokers’ aspirations to keep up with the times, which, in order to minimize the time spent opening an account, significantly reduced the registration form to a few lines. On the one hand, the convenience is obvious: I wrote my name, indicated an e-mail with a phone number and the account is open.

And on the other hand, not all traders use standard parameters. Therefore, today I will tell you about how you can change the leverage or disable the swap on a trading account registered with InstaForex.

We will not dwell on terminology, because it is well described in the article ” Lesson 14: Leverage – the right choice, ” so we’ll get down to business right away.

To change the leverage, you need to log in to your InstaForex account  – enter the username and password from your trading account on the company’s website (always pay attention to the address bar in the browser – the source must be reliable):

A new window opens in which you can choose leverage in the range from 1: 1 to 1: 1000. Click the “Save” button.

Before disabling a swap, you should close all market and pending orders, otherwise, a warning will appear.

If all transactions are closed, then after clicking on the “Swap-free service” item, a window will open in which it can be activated.

Also in the “Personal Information” tab, you can change the trading or investor password and account type (Standard or Eurica).

I do not use this service, because I’m used to standard accounts. At Eurica, it is not always possible to correctly take into account the influence of the spread when calculating levels for fixing profit/loss.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to remember once where the necessary tabs are for changing the parameters of our deposits.

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