While armageddon drivers are discussing the imminent financial crisis, US stock indices are breaking records again – so the S&P 500 came close to 3200 and the Dow Jones is trading above 28,000. The main driver of the market growth was the conclusion of an interim trade agreement between the US and China, as well as the refusal to introduce additional tariffs, which were scheduled for December 15, 2019. and cancellation of existing duties.

Therefore, it is not surprising that on the eve of the New Year holidays, thanks to positive news, euphoria reigned in the markets. And investors are only discussing among themselves: what shares of companies could be added to their portfolio. Personally, I prefer to refrain from buying shares of revalued companies: Apple, AMD, Tesla, etc. .. Therefore, I began to formulate pull-purchases from CFDs for the shares of the oil giant  Exxon Mobil Corporation.

Reasons for opening long positions.

1. The company regularly pays dividends in the amount of 5% per annum.

2. The assets of the enterprise by $ 55 billion exceed its capitalization, while the ratio of the total debt is only 25%.

3. There is a correlation between stock quotes and oil prices.

In the InstaForex terminal CFDs for shares of this company are traded under the #XOM ticket.

All profitable trading and successful investment!

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